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Glide Capital speaks at FLAIA Real Estate and Direct Lending Forum

Glide Capital Managing Partner, Alberto Siblesz was invited to speak on a panel of experts in the Direct Lending Industry.

" Since the recent recession, Direct Lending has been the fastest growing segment of the alternative investment industry. Assets under management of Direct Lenders has grown 20% annually to $4.5 trillion globally according to Preqin, a member of the Florida Alternative Investment Association.

Institutional appetite continues to grow for the Direct Lending sector as average yields are currently more than 3% above traditional collateralised debt obligations (CDO) and collateralised loan obligations (CLO) being offered. The excess returns above CDO & CLO have favourably driven capital flows for Direct Lenders. On Tuesday, March 5th, the Direct Lending Forum opened with remarks from Carolyn Gosselin of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Her presentation was titled Florida’s Changing Economic, Demographic & Political Landscape and Why It Matters. Panels throughout the day included 2019 Direct Lending Opportunities & Trends, Traditional Banking vs. Direct Lending Model, Asset Based Lending in the Emerging Global Economy, and Leveraging Blockchain Technology in Borrowing.

Speakers represented firms such as Glide Capital, Prime Meridian, Highmore, Sheridan Asset Management, Capital Bank, Boomerang Capital, Reed Smith LLP, RD Advisors, Ironhorse Holdings, Apis Capital Management, Asset Based Lending, Delgatto Diamond Finance Fund, Newbridge Global Sourcing, Amerant Bank, Veterans Capital Fund II, Triad Securities Corp., Genesis Trading, TLDR Global and Securrency. Lunch also featured keynote presentations from Paul Durward of Atlas Fund Services, Alex Mashinsky of Celsius Network and Isaac Gilinski of Brickell Analytics. " - Family Office Magazine Spring 2019 Issue Page 83

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